Top 10 Bookstores Sites & Retailers for May 2017
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AbeBooks is an online marketplace of millions of new, rare, used, and out-of-print books and long-lost books. AbeBooks being a company with passion to books; booksellers love AbeBooks for helping them to sell books around the globe 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. At AbeBooks you can search by ti... read more >
In today’s economy, we are all looking for ways to save money.  Sometimes this means that we may have to cut back on what we enjoy doing in our spare time.  If you are an avid reader and looking for ways to save money and continue enjoying your favorite books, why not try Booksfree.c... read more >
Chinaberry sells books and toyrs for all the family,their products include Books and audio Toys and games Parenting and home The Jake and Ella Collection Gift Center and Holiday Treasures The Jake and Ella Collection is a baby boutique offering unique sustainable products.Chinaberry's... read more >
The Book People in an online book store that is based in the United Kingdom that sells books for 50% to 75% off the publishers’ price. The Book People offers great books in every genre, and has around 18,000 new and best sellers for customers to choose from. The Book People offers a free ... read more >
Reading is a fantastic pastime, but buying brand new books can get expensive and storing hundreds of books is not always the easiest, especially in a small big city apartment. PaperBack Swap allows book lovers to swap their old books for new books, thus saving money and space, plus it help... read more >
Chapters Indigo is Canada's biggest chain of bookstores. Chapters Indigo has bookstores across Canada and has a huge online store that services not only all of Canada, but also the United States and numerous international locations. Chapters Indigo not only sells books, they also sell gifts, st... read more > is an online retailer of rare, out-of-print, first-edition, collectors and second-hand books. The store acts as a central market-place for many booksellers who are scattered all over the world. This has enabled to have more than 65 million books in their stock. The website has ... read more >
Scholastic is a company that started by publishing literacy magazines, which is still their focus today, although they have diversified since their inception. They have grown to include book publishing (they publish over 600 titles every year) and distribution, educational technology for schools and... read more > is an online used book buying service that is willing to pay people for used textbooks they no longer need. This company is committed to providing a safe and secure way for anyone to sell their books to them, and they go out of their way to provide customers with instant price qu... read more >
Founded in 1968, Hastings offers both new and used books, e-books, music, mp3s, movies, games, electronics, action figures, collectible cards, bar-ware, lighting, body jewelry, jewelry, bags and totes, head-wear, t-shirts, footwear, sporting goods, room decor, games and puzzles, and children's toys.... read more >
Chronicle Books is an American retailer which specializes in books, gifts, and personalized items.  For instance, Chronicle Books offers books for children and teens.  Also, parents can find toys and games to their children entertained.  Do you have a book idea and would like to be pu... read more >
Random House is the leading and one of the most outstanding and reputable publishing houses not only in the United States but in the world at large. Random House has published many award winning and best seller books from renowned writers. The books have been sold all over the world. Most books have... read more >
Elsevier is the world’s leading publisher of science and medicine. Elsevier has its headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company comprises of more than 7000 journal editors, 600,000 authors, and 300,000 reviewers.  Elsevier is a leading name in providing authoritative content given... read more >
VeryFineBooks sells rare, limited-edition and autographed books. VeryFineBooks has books from some of today's most popular authors like Stephen King, Kurt Vonnegut, Nelson Mandela and Maya Angelou. VeryFineBooks' books make great gifts for yourself or a loved one and ma... read more >
BookCloseouts offers a wide variety of books for the whole family for 50-90% off listed price. In addition to books, BookCloseouts also sells puzzles, games and DVDs.  BookCloseouts offers numerous shopping categories:  Antiques & Collectibles Architecture Art Bio... read more >
Quality Paperback Book Club is a club that sells a wide variety of books. They offer books in categories such as arts & entertainment, biographies, body, mind & spirit, children's books, young adults books, cooking, fiction, literature, history, home & garden, mysteries, thrillers, and n... read more > is a company which is a subsidiary of eBay Inc. The items offered on are as follows: books, textbooks, music, movies, video games, and video game consoles. The quality of good offered is high and they also offer old and classical game CD’s which can be used as collector&rsquo... read more >
Shambhala Publication was established in Massachusetts for provision of publication of books. The company has been growing strong over the years, releasing quality publications and selling them at a customer friendly price. The company Independent publisher of books for enlightened living.  The... read more >
Ustarnovels is an online company which is involved in book production. The company published books of all genres. The company has the greatest selection of novels and personalized books in the whole world. The books have been divided into categories which makes it easier for one to select the desire... read more >
Rutgers University Bookstore is an online bookstore which is operated by eFollett.   Efollet is a large network of online bookstore which serves major colleges and universities across the United States and Canada.  Efollett also provides books, supplies, and other educational material... read more >
Booksamillion is a huge online bookstore. Booksamillion not only sells books, they also sell music, movies and some electronics. Booksamillion also sells eBooks and used books.  Booksamillion offers numerous shopping categories: Books Kids-A-Million Teen Bargainse Books ... read more >
If you are a voracious reader and wants to experiment with new authors, I bet you must spend hours browsing through books in Discover a New Love. It’s as if you have walked into a library and Mister Timekeeper has stopped the clicking of the clock. These are what Discover a New Love has to off... read more > is a premier online marketplace for independent sellers of new and used books, music, movies, and rare collectible titles.  While the site sells and rents on-retail said items, it also offers both sellers and buyers with market information such as which books sell and at what price.... read more >
If you love to read, you'll love Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble sells books for adults, teens and children, and offers both traditional books and e-books, so there is sure to be the perfect book for everyone. Barnes and Noble offers over 30 million products. Barnes and Noble sell... read more >
Springer USA is a leading name in the world of scientific research publications. Springer has offices in different countries of Europe and Asia, including far east Asia. Springer USA publishes scientific research manuscripts of authors belonging to different scientific disciplines, such as biomedica... read more >
Oxford University Press publishes many different types of reference materials and is a department of the University of Oxford. Some of their products include: Dictionaries Printed music English Language teaching materials Journals Collegel level textbooks Schoolbooks Children's Books Th... read more >
Chelsea Green Publishing is a company that publishes books on the politics and practices of sustainable living. Their books are printed on recycled paper, which helps promote sustainable living even further, and focus on such subjects as: Renewable Energy Green Building Organic Agriculture Eco... read more >
Bookstores Q&A Threads
Stephen king to me is like the second master of crime/ general horror next to Ted Dekker
Asked by Sarah DelaCerda 39 months ago in | 0 answers
Last answer by Lindbergh Lendl Soriano 53 months ago: Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino is one of the best Japanese manga that tells a tale about vampires. Readers would be introduced to Cross Academy - a school which divides its students into the day and night classes. The day class is for normal students while the night class is for the vampire students... read more
Asked by Jovy Rivera 53 months ago in | 2 answers
Last answer by William J. Felchner 54 months ago: The Marvel Comics Universe encompasses an array of heroes and villains. I don't know about the most "fearsome," but I favor the Reverend Colonel William "Bill" Stryker, M.D. as one of Marvel's more crazy, whacked-out SOB villains. Stryker is a fanatic televangelist who combines religion and militar... read more
Asked by Jovy Rivera 54 months ago in | 2 answers
Last answer by The Doctor Is In 55 months ago: The Secret Garden is a wonderful book that I have enjoyed as both a child and an adult.  Perhaps it is where I first encountered the desire to heal, and the idea that this happens with more than just medicine.  It was written by Frances Hodgson Burnett in 1910, when medicine was just start... read more
Asked by Jovy Rivera 55 months ago in | 5 answers
Last answer by Sam Montana 55 months ago: My favorite detective writer is Michael Connelly who is a former crime reporter for several newspapers including the Los Angeles Times. He went on to write many detective books featuring a couple of main characters. The Harry Bosch series is about Harry Bosch, a Los Angeles detective and Mickey Hall... read more
Asked by Jovy Rivera 55 months ago in | 2 answers
Last answer by Lindbergh Lendl Soriano 55 months ago: I highly recommend Financial Management: Theory & Practice by Eugene F. Brigham and Michael C. Ehrhardt. As you can notice, it is a book about financial management but it is used by accountancy students worldwide. The book presents discussions in a very easy to understand manner. The b... read more
Asked by Jovy Rivera 55 months ago in | 1 answers